I have been a practicing Gestalt Integrative Psychotherapist for 39 years.  I’m also a qualified coach, trainer, supervisor and experienced group facilitator. I created a Gestalt Training Institute in London (The Gestalt Studio), and co-directed it for 15 Years. I was on the Committee for UKCP as a media representative, helping bring psychotherapy into the different forms of media.

In my on-going practices are online or in Glastonbury, I see individuals, couples and supervisees, and also run therapy groups and CPD workshops.

I have had the privilege to watch many people develop and grow, both in their life and in their professional training. My approach is Gestalt / Integrative, with an understanding of the PsychoSpiritual, although having said that it’s really about understanding what is being brought to the room, and making sense of it together, in an environment of safety and respect. As a Senior Psychotherapist, I am here to listen and understand and between us we can make sense of how you are feeling and thinking.

Please Note: I am not accepting any new referrals at this time.

Upcoming Workshop:

Finding Your Own Inner Ritual

A Workshop by Livvy and Chrissie

What is the purpose of ritual? To mark a moment or a time of importance. Firstly, this starts
with creating some time for yourself and in this time, you can find out what you need to do.
You may need to honour something or someone, let go of something or someone,
acknowledge a life change, or find some healing or courage. How we honour and mark this
moment is the exploration of this workshop – finding what’s important for you and finding
the expression of ritual that is purely yours.

Date: Saturday August 5th 10am to 5pm
Cost: £100 per person
Location: The Chalice Well Meeting Room, Glastonbury

For enquiries and to book email us at media@livvyandchrissiemedia.co.uk